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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thrift Shop Booty! Lots of jewelry and beads, beads, beads!!!

An itty-bitty booty sample :)
Anyone who shops at thrift stores does so because they're hoping to find some cool booty at a sweet price. Some days are just too lucky! Some kick-ass treasure is starin' you in the face and you just can't (and shouldn't) say "no". Whatever that treasure may be, I can almost guarantee it will not be there tomorrow. Sometimes you just gotta say "What the heck..." and mean it! Right?

Well, I had one of those proverbial what-the-heck lucky days! Now, typically, I don't spend more than a few dollars at a time 'cause I am the world's biggest cheap-skate but I found oodles of FANTABULOUS booty that I just couldn't leave the store without. You will have to forgive me but I simply have to share the news with all of you!

First off: Two gallon bags chock full o' tangled jewelry goodness that, you guessed it, went home with me!
Here's one of the lot bags before I dug into it!
Here are some shots of the "keeper" jewelry, chain, beads and bits I found...
Some to sell...
...and some to salvage.
A little more to sell...
Lots of chain!
Two big, beautiful beads! I love that amber one!
The gold and sterling I found all tangled up...
...and this Thai silver ring (which I am keeping for myself!)
As if this weren't enough, they also had bins full of loose beads, jewelry findings and pendants - ooooh, what fun they were to dig through! Somebody made jewelry, then decided to NOT make jewelry anymore and donated everything!

Here's a peek at the beautiful haul... Jealous? I know I would be if these pics were on your blog! It's time to get makin'!! :)

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