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Monday, June 27, 2011

Quilt Scraps

I told you yesterday about some quilt scraps I bought in Branson. I have started making some cuffs with them and I really like how they are turning out! My jewelry typically tends to be a bit on the "over produced" side - which I think is good in most cases. Threads are clipped and secured, the edges are meticulously finished, details are seen to - so much so that the slightest oversight in one of my pieces, ones that are not even noticeable except to myself, will bug me forever!! I'm not bragging about this - I am a perfectionist and (some might say) a control freak. It might be labeled as neurosis :)

I am, none-the-less, very attracted to clothing and accessories that look like they've been around for a while and arose spontaneously - raveling edges, loose threads, amorphous shape. So, I am using this as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. Working more with fiber than beads has already helped a lot. Here are some shots of cuffs I've made so far. The tops are made from the quilt scraps which are then embellished using my fun stash of lace, doilies and other trims. Some embroidery is added to hold the layers together and it is backed with some lovely tea stained fabric and finally signed and dated. Let me know what you think of them :)